9pm at Bastet residence

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9pm at Bastet residence Empty 9pm at Bastet residence

Post by Morgan on Fri Aug 16, 2013 7:13 am

The evening was painting the sky with soft, luminous peach colors, casting all New Pretty Town in a golden, amber color, making the high party towers and pleasure gardens glow. Emmalynn was walking casually in the Valentino garden, garbed in a blue party dress framed by a large golden line. Her dark brown hair was braided in a complex but utterly elegant way, and Emmalynn once again damned the Pretty Committee for not allowing black hair -- they judged it too extreme. However, they fortunately didn't object about her having dark, wine-red eyes circled by two golden lines: one around the pupils, one around the irises. They underlined her eye color by the contrast.
Emmalynn had been a Pretty for six month, but this was by far the most significant party in her life. The rest of the Gems -- her group -- had helped her describe that unique ball dress to her bedroom, and it had given it to her via the wall slit along with her blue velvet-covered high heels shoes pinned with tiny crystals. Emmalynn looked amazing, like the other Pretties. Hopefully she would make a good impression on the others.
Tonight, the party was at the tapered party towers of the Bastet residence, and the fireworks were already filling the sky with numerous, jaw-dropping light effects while laughters already rang in her ears.
The guardians looked at her when she entered, smiled and nodded, and she walked into the world of party and beauty she had grown accustomed to.


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