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Post by Zarina on Tue May 27, 2014 2:22 pm

I walked into my cabin and smiled, glad if was finally empty. This was one of the few times I had the entire place to myself, dinner time. My entire cabin would be gone for dinner, and capture the flag, as well as the fire and celebration and stuff. Hours: hours alone in the Athena cabin. I grinned and pulled the curtains over the window, shut the door and rushed to my bunk. Nobody knew my secret, and I took ever precaution to keep it a secret, that I was transsexual. Reaching underneath the bunk I slid back a floorboard and pulled out the suitcase I had that contained everything, at least the things I had...not exactly everything.

With a small sigh I unzipped the pink bag and pulled out the makeup case, the dress and other clothing, and a pair of heels. I had shaved earlier, so I wouldn't have to waste time doing that now. I slipped my shirt off of my slim, but muscular body and tossed it onto the bunk, exposing my tanned torso. Then came my shorts, also landing on the bunk as I stood in my boxers, staring at the female clothing at my feet. I closed my eyes briefly to enjoy the silence before entirely stripping, and changing.

It felt a little funny on my body at first, the underwear followed by a pair of fishnet leggings. Looking at my legs I couldn't help but imagine that they actually belonged to an attractive girl and not myself. I reached down and picked up the bra, strapping the fabric onto my chest, giving the illusion I actually had breasts. After that, I selected the bright dress (it was the cheapest in the store), and slipped it onto my torso, almost completing the illusion. I chuckled at myself in the hand mirror, then went for the wig, doing it into my hair so it looked naturally. Then came the heels, which I slipped on easily, smiling at the look. The heels weren't that large, just small kitten heels; not stilettos. As I reached towards my makeup bag I heard the door creak open, forcing me to let out a girlish gasp, turning with wide eyes to see who it would be. Here I stood, next to my bunk with a dress and leggings, wig and all. Only thing I was missing was makeup.

The door opened more and a figure stepped in, and within a moment I had recognized who it was.


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