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Post by Zarina on Wed Feb 05, 2014 12:56 pm

It was a cold winter evening in Manhattan, snow lightly falling from the heavens above into the bustling metropolis of one of the largest cities in the world. Although it was freezing out in the open though, where Thorne presently stood it was quite warm. She had gone into the city for assess of a laboratory, and to get away from her normally noisy life at camp.

She stood in the white lab, hunched over a microscope as she quickly down notes in Ancient Greek inside of her patterned, olive notebook. Her usually curly red hair was braided down her back, green eyes gleaming as she set the pencil down and adjusted the slide under the device. Her white lab coat was still spotless over her jeans and tank top, her weapons in collapsed forms over in her locker with her bag.

Usually, the tropical child of Demeter would be playing with her friends or sailing at camp, perhaps even caring for the strawberries...but tonight was a time she took for herself and her own personal interests. She wished to become a biologist, or rather a botanist but with a much wider skill selection. She wanted to create a better world for vegetation, and also to reduce the Ill effects that the massive amounts of pollution that mortals sent out.

She turned her back to the microscope and walked over to the arrangements of the other test tubes, selecting two of them before checking back with her notebook. Currently, she was in the middle of an experiment, trying to see if she could create a sort of bio-technology connection, even more advanced than what had already been created by mortals. She had attempted to speak to several Hephaestus children about it, but they all shrugged her off...and she could never seem to find a child of wisdom that was not busy. So, she had decided to do it on her own.


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