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Post by Zarina on Fri Oct 25, 2013 4:55 pm

Lindia Inetia snuck a glance out from under the covers of her bunk with the 1st cohort barracks to make sure everyone else was asleep, and they were, except for the ones who snuck out regularly for parties or guard duty. Taking a deep breath she pushed back the golden sheets, embroidered with the eagle and the letters SPQR. Her pale, thin frame was exposed as she swept her legs over the side and put her head in her hands, thinking hard. She wore her night clothes, gym shorts and a tank top, nothing flashy, nothing expensive, just clothes anyone could acquire in New Rome. Her tattoo was obvious in her current state, well, it was a brand. A symbol of her alliance and service to the Romans, to this last legion.

Carefully she raised her face from her hands, her dirty blonde hair falling through her fingers, streaks of red, blue, and black coating some strands, or even combining to make a vibrant streak of foreboding colors. Her eyes were a startling blue, one of perhaps the sky, or deep tropical water. Scars decorated her fragile shoulders, memoirs of her terrible past. She stood, opening up the drawer with her clothing and hastily got dressed, dark blue trousers that resembled jeans, but weren't actually denim, and her leather jacket over her tank top, not needing anymore than that she thought.

She scooped up the final things she needed: her weapon and her book where she had written several enchantments and charms. With everything in order, she slipped on her sneakers and out of her barracks, sticking to the shadows as she ran out one of the gates and towards the city, but the city was not her actual destination, she needed a better place.

At last, the seventeen year old came to a four way intersection, a crossroads. Smiling to herself that she had made it without being detected she wrapped her arms around herself, thinking on what to do next as the cold wind whipped around her frame. Then she remembers, kneeling onto the stones that created the road and hastily opening the book, scanning the worn pages until she finally came to the one she needed.

Her intentions were simple, she wanted to speak to her mother, and although it was against the rules she had her heart set on talking to trivia, she wanted to know that someone besides her wonderful girlfriend that actually cared about her and her well being.

Closing her eyes she began to chant, summoning the mysterious goddess from her realm to the crossroads, feeling the wind pick up around her until it suddenly died. Slowly, the young demigod opened her eyes.


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