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Post by Zarina on Tue Oct 01, 2013 4:00 am

Lindia's personality reflects much of her past, as well as the future she wants to have with the few friends she has made. At a glance the daughter of trivia seems cold, dark, and gothic even, all caused by the combined effects of her parentage and abusive childhood story. However, as only one person has discovered, Lindia does have an inner, vulnerable side which she trusts to only her girlfriend. She tends to be antisocial, staying away from just about everyone, though recently she's been in the dating scene more, attempting to get boyfriends to hide her true lesbian-oriented nature away from Octavian, her centurion, and anyone else that may use the knowledge against Lindia and her beloved. She is very territorial and emotional about her past, not wishing to speak to anyone about it, and when questioned about her life before Lupa found her, she tends to react violently to the person or people, once nearly killing a camper because of this. Overall, when is comes to her past she tends to Keep calm, and carry on which is also one of the inspirational posters she keeps in her bunk.

When she's in a particularly bad mood she will greet about everyone violently, and insist to be alone, often making empty threats though, but she will take action when she's had enough of someone. Often times she will take to her darker self and hide somewhere,


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