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Post by Zarina on Thu Sep 19, 2013 6:38 pm

Lindia walked down the streets of Detroit, the town she had learned to despise, to hate after all those years of abuse by her demented father. Huge abandoned warehouses towered above her, the cement, stone, and metallic sides hiding light from the moon and stars so far above. Her dirty blonde hair was decorated with streaks of red and black, as well as an eagle feather, each dedicated to something, a memory, or a belief. The feather, from a golden eagle represented her allegiance to the Roman Empire, to Camp Jupiter, and to the gods of Rome. The black and red streaks represented her pain, pain from her abuse as a child and the pain of her ever guilty curse.

It had been two years since the seventeen year old had visited Detroit, let alone the slum she was currently in, the slum where she grew up. Her dark denim pants were loose along her slender legs, she knew better than to show off when in the dumps. A hole scarred the pants above her right knee, slash marks on the left leg, both results of monster attacks of past journeys. Clenching her white teeth against the throbbing memories, she walked on. Her shirt was in much better condition than the black jeans, being almost brand new. It was a long sleeved shirt, black as obsidian as it covered her upper body, black lace along her pale arms, covering scars of the past she wanted to erase.

She wasn't all dark and gloomy though, inside Lindia was a bright girl, having her fair share of fun an flirting. Last Christmas she would have never thought she would have met the French girl that changed her life, let alone began to date her. Even after the trip to Venice and the drama in the infirmary, the love between Laure and Lindia grew stronger, even if they both dated boys on the side. Laure more than Lindia although.

It wasn't that Lindia didn't like to date young men, it was because she didn't trust them, she barely trusted anyone besides the few friends she had managed to make. One of them she had just made recently, a younger girl that had helped to save her life in the infirmary, someone she still was in debt too. Although she hated being in the red with people, this debt she was content about, it would be worth it when the time came for sure.

The daughter of trivia stopped at a dark street corner, the large metallic street like dark, no bulb in its sockets to provide even a little bit of light in the dark ends... She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, leaning back against the wall of an old car factory and imagining her past, recollecting what she knew of the streets, the mental directions, the metal map she had created so long ago and since forgot. After a few moments, she had remembered and slowly opened her blue eyes, dark eyeliner surrounding them, further showing her unique opinions, her unique style.

Resuming her self assigned quest to locate her old house she continued to walk briskly through the cluttered, smelly streets. She had hoped she could smell the water of the nearby Lake Michigan, but sadly, all she could smell was the pollution and the trash that decorated the streets and the city itself. She couldn't help but rub the golden ring on her finger, Imperial Gold, one of the rarest metals on the earth. She had given Laure, her constant and lovely girlfriend, an exact duplicate for Christmas, both bearing the engraving of ❤Laure & Lindia 4ever❤. Lindia allowed her self to smile a bit, relishing the memory of that delicious turkey, and the splendid, expensive, and elegant perfume Laure had given to the demigod, which she saved only for the best occasions.

The footsteps if her sneakers echoed across the metal walks, each step sounding as if dozens more were being created all around her, a truly eerie feeling. She slowly checked her watch, seeing the time was already 10:15pm across the central time zone. Sighing with disappointment of not finding the old shack yet, she unclipped her keychain from her belt and held it in her hand, examining the minute sword, that if she desired would expand and grow to her full sized gladius, an Imperial gold blades weapon with a dark leather strapped handle, etched with words of magic from ancient past along the hand guards to either side of the medium length weapon. It was her only weapon, besides the crossbow she had neglected to bring, and most likely still sat ok her messy bunk back in the first cohort barracks.

Why did you even come here Lindia? What do you expect to find? She asked herself as she glanced to either side, hoping to find some hint, some sign that she was near the shack she had once resided in. You already got your father locked up in San Quentin, your step-mother was killed so long ago, Trivia wouldn't appear to why are you here? She continued to ask herself until she saw it, something she knew was near her old house, and possibly even more important than the run down shack: the magic shop.

The magic shop was where she had discovered she wasn't human, discovered the powers of magic inside of her. She had often hidden in the abandoned place after she ran away from her family, and it had been the last place in Detroit she had slept in before she departed to be trained by the she-wolf Lupa.

Slowly pushing the wooden door open, she coughed, the dust from several years rising up and coating her. Carefully, she brushed herself off and entered, her footsteps making deep impressions in the dust as her smile appeared, recollecting the. Few good times she had in Detroit, the few nights when she was completely alone.

"Hello?" The child of trivia called out in a voice, barely louder than a whisper, her Canadian French accent poking through as she examined the rest of the shop. "Anyone here?" She added, nervous that someone would in fact be in the building with her. Thinking she heard something, she held her jerky chain tightly and felt it expand into the roman infantry weapon. She squinted through the dust, looking around, slowly stepping closer to the back of the store.

She wasn't too concerned about her curse at the moment, it only happened around every twelve hours or so, and she had experienced it on the train five hours ago on the train that had brought her to the city earlier in the day, back when everything was different. Swearing she heard something behind her she turned quickly, bringing her blade across her body to shield herself from any impact when all she saw was...nothing.

"If someone is in here it's not funny! Show yourself!" She growled, not liking to be tricked or fooled in such a manner, but she knew someone was with her, someone had to be... But who would it be? What would it be? A monster? A mortal? A deity? A demigod? She just hoped whatever it was wasn't going to kill her, she had plans to talk to Laure about when she returned from her 'Vacation'

A sweet smell came to the girls nostrils, and she knew her theory was confirmed, she was being watched by something, or someone....


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